Top Reasons to Repair Your Foundation Problems –
Not Ignore Them!

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The biggest reason to repair your foundation problem is that if left untreated the issue will get worse. Once a foundation begins to fail, it needs urgent attention to stop the damage from spreading. If you leave a foundation problem alone, it won't get better on its own. Worse, it will even end up costing you more in the end if not taken care of in a timely manner.

The most startling reason why you shouldn't ignore a foundation problem is that your home could collapse. It does not happen often, but it is certainly a tragedy that has happened. Your foundation supports literally thousands of pounds. Surely, it is easy to get the picture that if a foundation has a great deal of damage it cannot support the structures above. Of course, it may just cause chunks of veneer or brick to fall off. Either scenario is bad for the safety of your family. Protect your family from these extreme conditions by not waiting to repair any foundation problems your home may have.

Foundation problems definitely can cause ugly cracks to form either in bricks or in sheetrock or both. These cracks often form around doors and windows, and cause these structures not to work properly. You may notice doors that drag or stick and windows that stick or won't open at all. This most assuredly affects the appearance of your house, but worst of all can cause more repairs and costs that must be dealt with as time goes on. Not to mention, if you don't get the foundation fixed before you fix these problems, you will have to keep fixing these same issues over and over.

Another reason to fix foundation problems in your home is that you want to protect your home's resale value. No one wants to buy a home that has a foundation problem. Would you? As soon as your home is inspected and a foundation problem is reported you will lose any potential buyers that you may have had. You don't want to allow your biggest investment to be compromised or destroyed.

Also, cracks and spaces in your home can become a haven for insects and rodents. They become an easy entry point into your home and create a shelter for them to live in. Insects and rodents can also move from one room to another through wall spaces and cracks in walls, floors and ceilings. You don't want to invite these unwelcome guests into your home.

So as you can see there are some things around your house that can wait to be fixed, but the foundation of your home just isn't one of those things. Protect this vital investment and call a professional foundation specialist to assess your problem and make a plan to fix it.